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Announcement Under Regulation 30

Intimation for Record dates for the purpose of reduction of share capital_14.12.2021

Notice of 38th Annual General Meeting, Annual Report for FY 2020-2021, Book Closure and Intimation of E-Voting facility_04.09.2021

Intimation for WTD-REAPPOINTMENT _02.09.2021

Letter Update on Reduction of Capital 14.07.2021

Notice of 37th Annual General Meeting, Annual Report for FY 2019-2020, Book Closure and Intimation of E-Voting facility_04.09.2020

Intimation for 37th Annual General Meeting_01.09.2020

Intimation For MD Re-Appointment_01.09.2020

Intimation of Delisting Withdrwal_09.04.2020

Outcome postal Ballot Result_03.03.2020

Postal Ballot Notice_30.01.2020

Outcome of Board Meeting _24.01.2020


Outcome of Board Meeting_16.12.2019



Other Resignation



Additional Director

(Mr. Sunil Gupta)

Change in Auditors
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