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Shri Virender Kumar Gandhi : Chairman-Cum-Managing Director
Shri K.S. Bhatia : Director
Shri S.S.Rana : Director
Smt. Sangeeta Gandhi : Whole Time Director
Shri M.S.Venketeswaran : Director

Profile of Mr. Virender Kumar Gandhi
A : Background
Mr. Virender Kumar Gandhi has done his B.Com (Hons) from Delhi University in the year 1964. He is in business since 1962 and having a vast experience of 50 years. He remained the former President of All India Federation of Plastic industries in 1989-1990 and life time member of All India Plastic Manufacturers Association. He is the promoter Director of the company.
B : Academic qualification & Experience
Mr. Virender Kumar Gandhi has done his B.Com(Hons) from Delhi University in 1964 and having an experience of more than 50 years in industry and trade.
C : Key Position Held as a Director in other companies
1. M/s Prisha Promoters Pvt. Ltd.
2. M/s. Prisha Projects LLP
3. M/s Prisha Hospitality LLP
4. M/s Divisha Projects LLP
D : Current Remuneration
Mr. Virender Kumar Gandhi receives a salary of Rs. 84 lakh/- per annum as per approval given by Central Government.
E : Recognition & Awards
In 1969-70, Mr. Virender Kumar Gandhi was bestowed with National Award by the then President of India, Mr. V.V. Giri for making a" BLOUSE HOOK MAKING MACHINE" which was then an item of import substitution.
F : Job Profile & his Suitability
Mr. Virender Kumar Gandhi, Managing Director is engaged in managing the affairs of the Company in the following ways: 1. Responsible for coordination of all the activities of the Company. 2. Responsible for the effectiveness of the organization in pursuit of the Company's goals and objectives.
G : DIN Number
H : Shareholdings in the Company as on 31/March/2017

Profile of Mrs. Sangeeta Gandhi
A : Background
Mrs. Sangeeta Gandhi was born on 17.11.1973. She is graduate having a good understanding in the matters relating to trade and industry.
B : Academic qualification & Experience
Mrs Sangeeta Gandhi is B.Com graduate.
C : Key Position Held as a director in other companies
1) M/s Prisha Promoters Pvt. Ltd.
2) M/s Divisha Projects LLP
D : Current Remuneration
Sangeeta Gandhi received a salary of Rs.12 Lakh /- per annum.
E : Recognition & Awards
F : Job Profile & her Suitability
Mrs. Sangeeta Gandhi, Whole Time Director is basically looking after the Administrative and Marketing activities of the Company.
G : DIN Number
H : Shareholdings in the Company as on 31/March/2017

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